Bunn VPR Coffee maker, how does it work?

Bunn VPR Coffee maker, how does it work?
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Is this proper operating procedure? I think something is wrong with it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2hifmhlSIk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2hifmhlSIk


Paul Smith says:

The thermostat is under the top panel. Take the two screws on either side
out and lift the top off and you will see the temperature control nob on
the left side.

don brown says:

I have this exact same michine, this is what i found so far 1) it
makes up to 12 cups of coffee at a time (1 full pot) 2) it has a
water holding tank that holds 30 cups of watter all the time, (it wont work
untill this tank is full) 3) this holding tank has a heating element
much like a home hot water tank and if the michine is pluged in, this
heating element is on all the time, the two switches and corisponding
lights are just for the coffee pot warming plates 3) there is a
thermos stat under the top cover on the left side near the back (two
small screews on top, one on each side holds the top on) turn clock wise to
turn tempeture down, turn counter clock wise to turn tempeture up, this
controles the tempeture in the holding tank only. 4) to empty the
holding tank you must turn the michine up side down. 5) coffee filters
can be found on ebay, look for ( bunn 12 cup commercial style filters) or
just use a papper towl, 6) you can google owners manual pdf for it
(WHAT I NEED) is sombody to make a video on how to dissamble and/or
assamble this thing, the reason why is, its easy to take off the top with
two screws or the bottom with eight screws but the rest is not so easy, i
removed a screw from the back and heard the nut drop down inside ( oops )
now what? i cant figure out how th get the nut back on , its inside?

Paul Smith says:

The VPR coffee maker actually has two tanks. A round cylinder tank that
sits on the bottom. This tank is were the heating coils are located.
(Always make sure that this tank is full b4 plugging into outlet) The
second tank is the receptacle tank that is locate on the top. As you pour
the water into this tank gravity will push the water out of the lower tank
(provided the lower tank is already full) thus being the reason why you
don’t need power to make coffee. The power cord is there to heat the water
in the holding tank and the pad warmers. If you take the top plate off you
will be able to see a better picture of how the process work. ( Make sure
you unplug the unit first b4 disassembly ).
You can also purchase filters and parts at your local restaurant supply
dealer. You have found gem my friend as these are pretty expensive units
and they last forever.
Hope this helps.

towrecker says:

they bank a bit over one pot of water kept hot at all times , what makes it
work is that when you pour one pot in , that pot pushes the pot of retained
hot water out , that one will not have a solenoid because it’s not a direct
line , it is working fine , we used to have the distributorship for maxwell
house at work , and I ran a coffee route , I used to hate picking one of
these damn things up , they were full of hot water , damn heavy , and you
had to make it out the damn door before you could flip it upside down and
empty it , half the damn time roasting ones toes , oh the fun times of
ancient history …

The blind redneck says:

If you need the glass pot for it, you can find them on Amazon as well.

ZIGgassedUP says:

I recon someone’s got a coffee stained carpet.

The blind redneck says:

If you need the glass pot for it you can find them on Amazon is well.

The blind redneck says:

Yes this is normal operating procedure for this machine. Filters aren’t
that hard to find, you can get 1000 of them on Amazon for about $15-20.
Look for the bunn 12 cup commercial style filters. Hope this helps. 

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