Bunn coffee maker problem followup

Bunn coffee maker problem followup

My Bunn coffee maker continues to dispense 200F degree liquid when the lid is in the improper position. Bunn tried to help but they provided no directions. H…



Piotr Alexander says:

That production quality is an eyesore, how does BUNN get away with that?

harborx310xarea says:

Why the heck would u use tap water in the first place

Ed Meyer says:

I bought a Bunn NHS 3 months ago and returned it because of leaking out the
bottom. Now the replacement, only a couple months old has water running out
the bottom. I wish it was only the valve seat in the top! I contacted Bunn
a week ago and haven’t heard any response. So far, at 5 times the price of
my last coffee maker, Bunn’s been 5 times more problems.. BTW My water
isn’t very hard, and I have cleaned it already, so I doubt if it’s a hard
water problem. Besides, the 1’st NHS was less than a week old.. 

Jim Harvey says:

L Conte / Doc Faulken, your problem with the leak is not with the water
INLET, but instead with the water OUTLET from the heater tank to the spray
nozzle. I have the same issue. This tube is normally cleaned out by
inserting the “de-liming tool” that Bunn provides with a new appliance in
the tube after unscrewing and removing the spray nozzle. I lost my
de-liming tool and instead, used a nylon spot tie about 10″ long.
Depending how hard your water is, this needs to be done at LEAST every 2 or
3 months. Mine was plugged to the point that I could not get the spot-tie
to go all the way into the tank. I tried a little bit too hard and wound
up causing the leak, probably due to upsetting a rubber/silicone gasket
that had heat hardened from the constant heat of the tank. You will
probably also find that the tank is full of calcium sludge which sounds
like the tank is full of sand when the appliance is turned upside down.

At this point, if you intend to go any further in disassembly, you
will require some tools, most importantly being a #1 phillips screwdriver
that is about 14 inches long to remove 2 screws located deep inside the
appliance case that, along with two other screws inside the top water
reservoir, hold the reservoir to the top of the coffee maker. These two
screws are accessed after removing the bottom of the coffee maker.

Unless you are quite handy at fabrication, I would not recommend
disassembly of the appliance as most often you will discover parts that
have been heat damaged. Bunn WILL NOT sell you replacement parts. You
could return it to Bunn and if it is out of the 3-year warranty, they will
send you a refurbished one for about $50 with a 1-year warranty … or you
could just go buy a new machine for a little over $100 at Walmart which is
what I am doing now.

Sharon La Tour says:

See “”Leaking Bunn Coffee maker” By Ryan 96se. here on youtube It is about
a rubber gasket underneath the top of the coffee maker. it takes cents to
fix. :)

Scott Hutchison says:

Get a water softener and a Reverse Osmosis system. My BUNN PourOmatic is
about 30 years old and works perfectly because we’ve always used
conditioned water and / or Reverse Osmosis water. I’ve never had to delime
it because the RO water has not minerals to cause the build up. TANY coffee
maker will have lime / calcium buildup if you use hard water.

campingquit says:

How do you make coffee in it?

H. H. Holland says:

Thanks. Well done.

Christopher Oakes says:

I live in Minnesota to and yes the water sucks. I would recommend distilled
water. Cost about $.50 at most grocery stores and will not leave the nasty
mineral deposits like tap water.

Pfletch83 says:

Well as far as keeping stuff out of your machine you might want to try
bottled water either the 24 pack 16 oz bottles or the gallon jugs of
drinking water (Should also improve the taste of the brew) Take care and
best of luck to you.

Linda Angelo says:

I can hear chunks of lime in the tank when I shake it. Now what? I couldnt
believe what I saw when following your instructions on cleaning the bunn, I
dread to think what the chunks of stuff is banging around in the storage

TheCystemWorks says:

Thank you!

Kris Nauman says:

What he meant to say was the hole under the lid where the flapper valve
rested had deposits preventing the valve from closing causing the water to
continuously flow..Had it been completely obstructed like he said there
would be no flow.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

Ever tried Cleancaf coffee maker cleaner from Urnex ?

L Conte says:

My problem is my bunn unit is leaking hot water from underneath somehow. In
order to attempt to fix it…. I disassembled the top assembly area of my
identical pot and cleaned the calcium deposits. (I didn’t know I could get
in there either and yes, it was dirty after 6 years?) I couldn’t see a way
to keep going, and take more of the top unit off and in order to really see
everything, I need to drain it first…but at this point, put it back
together and… IT STILL LEAKS HOT WATER. ? 🙁

MrPCT007 says:

very helpful, about to pick up this unit on Amazon

hammer-to-jezebel says:

3 pots a day? You are a caffeine addict. lol

L Conte says:

I cleaned everything…but yes, it may be the flapper is not flat/tight and
I need to get a rubber washer. And no, I really don’t know what to get or
how to ensure it will retrofit in with the one I have on it now. The one
now has a kind of tongue and groove bump at the top that works with the
flapper. 🙁

Geneva Ellis says:

Dr. Faulken, I thank you very much. My mother have a brand new out the box
coffee maker and we have not been able to get it to run. I saw your video
and it gave me some idea on what to look for, as there were no
troubleshooting manuals. I think I can figure it out with the instructions
you gave. Thank you.

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