Breville The Infuser: What’s Brewing #28

Breville The Infuser: What’s Brewing #28

Breville BES840XL the Infuser Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine is a superbly engineered appliance with graceful lines and expertly crafted fit and finish. The…



Erik O'Leary says:

Temperature *is* adjustable, according to the manual, -+ 4 degrees´╗┐

generalzod4life says:

I use the Breville ‘Infuser’ and the Breville ‘smart grinder’, a combo that
can beat Italian grinders and machines that are 3 or 4 times the price.
An amazing home machine.´╗┐

mark simpson says:

@ Kary…the Breville eats the Gaggia for breakfast IMO…i had a GBT for
18 months , been back for repairs 4 times now its in the tip….Had my
bes840 for a few weeks now and luv it..dont make the mistake and buy a
Gaggia..there crap

Kary Menuau says:

would you choose this machine over the gaggia baby twin??

Darren Kane says:

I just received the BES840XL as a gift. I love the machine except for two
problems. The pressure gauge on the front of the machine barely moves. The
only time it does move is when I use the Double Walled filter and then it
barely gets out of the Infuse range. Also I get the same yield when I push
either the one or two shot buttons. I called Brevilles customer service and
they were of little help. Any help out there? Thanks

Whole Latte Love says:

“Thank you for your question! If you’re referring to the flexible black
rubber disc that comes bundled with the machine, that would be a Backflush
Disc–a tool used for cleaning the group head. If you are instead referring
to what appears to be a black plastic piece located (roughly) around the
drain hole at the center of the portafilter, that part simply streamlines
the flow of brewed coffee out through the spouts.”

Whole Latte Love says:

Please give our tech support staff a call at 1-888-411-5282 option 3.

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