Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Maker & Smart Grinder Indepth Review – BES900XL, BCG800XL

Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Maker & Smart Grinder Indepth Review – BES900XL, BCG800XL

Buy your own machine @ the link below Please Like, Favorite and Subscribe My wife and I decided to do an unboxing of our new Breville Dual Boiler Espresso machine…



John Cossack says:

I have no idea why you would spend so much money on a machine and not know
anything about how to pull a shot of espresso.

Scotty d'Angelo says:

Great vid, always entertaining 🙂 How is your machine now that you’ve had
it for a while? I’m sure your wife has perfected it! These things are
highly capable and the only limit is your imagination :)

Lázaro Blanc says:


hahaha just kidding ;)

Slot1Gamer says:

lol your luck you checked the tank.. I would have poured water in the top

Ray Heffer says:

I have the cheaper model with the built in bean grinder. The steamer is the
same though as I remember testing both. The dual boiler is great, but the
steamer just doesn’t seem very powerful.

So the question is, do you latte or espresso?

Reginald Bowls says:

lol Zander is cute.

Chase Butler says:

You can’t live in Seattle and not have an Espresso machine ;)

Master of Geek says:

What ever happened to the Starbucks Barista machine?

Steve ldnuk says:

You are not ment to turn it upside down etc. It has sensative equipment
inside. Your ment to let it rest after you have it delivered so the
equipment can settle. 

Richard Ellard says:

So many facepalm moments.

Alex Ruvalcaba says:

you fucked the box up!

Robert Marotta says:

you are a klutz and painful to watch

jiinx72 says:

Very good machine’s. i think they come under the name of Sage in the UK.
Add as you prob figured by now being a twin boiler you can do the milk and
espresso at the same time. Got my eye on the model with the inbuilt grinder
with it. But that’s 1.5k so unless I get some really big bonuses this year,
going to be 2 years of saving for the dream machine. Oh I’am not sure but I
think the milk wand has a sensor in it, so it’ll froth the milk till it
hit’s the temp target, that’ll be the Oracle model. Atm with house and
garden bills stacking I’am looking at the twin pro from the Sage/Breville
line. Comes with PID control and has a pre soak cycle before the actual
shot is made and the usual pressurised and non pressurised baskets.

Thomas Meadows says:

i watched this when you first posted it, and its still good.

LongWindedUsername says:

You guys don’t know what the fuck you’re doing. “Primed”? More like she
packed that shit in harder than your daddy fucked your mother to make the
two of you.

James Kurzdorfer says:

Painful to watch indeed. Moron. 


I do not know why, but this my favorite video lol …

Mr Jameson says:

these are made in china. can’t be serviced in usa either

oElkien says:

That box rip clearly got you 24 “downvotes”, Jerry!

Zay Buckley says:

Man cave 

Edgars J says:

Old coffee machine is rebrended Italian Coffe maker Saeco, model Incanto.
works great… can hold more than 30k cpus 🙂
New machine is better, because you can make bigger cups with bigger filters.

Nice to see,that someone @USA @ home uses beans2cup espresso machine :)

Chris Perry says:

There are non pressurised and pressurised filters

amier Ansari says:

thinks bro

cowslaw says:

I’ll fill you up later. I died. xD

Meaux Davis says:

not knowing what the baskets are is an indicator that you guys should not
be demoing any expresso machine. Come on peeps.

WtfImdoinghere says:

you have to adjust the machine for your cup or mug at 1st use.

Ivan Kožul says:

Dude leave the box alone

AtlasGamingTK says:

I don’t even like coffee but I loved this video! 

Andres Fernandez says:

craked up when zander came up and started turning the nob XD

DefaultPage says:

Where is your upper screen :o

Alien Scope says:

Why the hell are you ripping the box?

matt schultz says:

He fucking ripped the box WTF

Corey Brown says:

This was the first video of yours I ever watched! 🙂
Got good taste there Jerry, or should I say your wifey does!

Poly Garcia says:

dude what a nice video I am still laughing, you can do stand up comedy,
f… you starcbuck lol that was a kick lol lol lol 

Richard Vincent says:

i just got a sage in uk its sage but love mine glad i got it but your video
i give 5 stars focking brill do more like that

Deeno Magnus says:

Superb Video, Loved it :o)

Doug S says:

Totally enjoyed your video guys

joseph roberts says:

put that in the cave

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