Breville Double Boiler Espresso Machine

Breville Double Boiler Espresso Machine

A stainless steel dual boiler espresso machine with precise temperature control. We’ve been impressed with the Breville Double Boiler machine – stable temperature and strong steam ability….



LongWindedUsername says:

I just bought this machine because I love lattes but I’ve never made
espresso before and thought this would make it a little easier compared to
some other machines; turns out it’s still pretty hard for a newbie. With
the amount of coffee that the manual recommends (after tamping) I find it
VERY difficult to lock the portafilter in place. Like, I seriously need to
hold the machine on one side while I force the portafilter into place. I’m
guessing that means I’m using too much coffee, right? If I use less and the
portafilter goes in easily I get like a 12 second shot. I’m using
pre-ground lavazza espresso grind with the double wall filter, as suggested
by the manual. Any suggestions?

Tio Nino says:

Like the demo, so much better than seattle coffee . Make simple elegant and
to the point. Good job

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