BODUM TRAVEL PRESS Coffee maker 11100

BODUM TRAVEL PRESS Coffee maker 11100

Great coffee on the go — it’s pretty much a birthright, isn’t it? We at BODUM® certainly think so. That is why we’ve made getting your morning brew even mor…



youreanonshareer says:

Wouldn’t the last few sips (coffee/tea) be really strong and grainy and

Melissa Goncalves-Jones says:

So loose leaf tea you just put on bottom of mug than add hot water and

misscute89 says:

WORST Press ever! It does LEAK!!! it also makes the coffee cold and doesn’t
taste as good 

speedyb22 says:

I have the metal one of these, the gap between the press and bottom of the
cup is far too large.

Ann Nguyen says:

Love the design though!

R Munch says:

I have to agree with you on that. My solution for this is to pour the
remaining coffee over the filter into a mug. But that just ruins the point
of the pressing-mechanism, and actually makes the concept fail. Anyway,
that’s the only way it can work. They should’ve made the pressing-mechanism

BODUM1944 says:

Hi Ann Nguyen You can add milk and sugar through the drinking hole at the
top of the travel press. Greetings Your Bodum Web Team

Ann Nguyen says:

If you press coffee and want to mix in milk and sugar, how do you do that
without taking out the part that separates the coffee grinds?

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