Bodum Santos vacuum coffee maker demonstration

Bodum Santos vacuum coffee maker demonstration

Showing the cool brewing cycle of the Bodum Santos electric vacuum pot coffee maker. Full brewing cycle, unedited, you’ll probably want to fast forward. I ha…



SuperFartnokker says:

That coffee looks more like tea.

fullflavor5 says:

I bought an old sunbeam vacuum pot made in the USA in the late 1940s and it
still works like new had it myself for about eight years never one problem
but I did replace the old cloth electric cord.

fullflavor5 says:

yeah I had five of them and everyone the heat element burned out at over
150 bucks a piece worse coffee maker I ever owned but dam good coffee from

BitterBliss says:

+Aldo Merino I forced my office to get this when they were replacing their
old standard coffee maker. The positive points were that it was easy to
clean, easy to use, had a metal filter and was pretty much idiot proof.
Sure I would have preferred a glass one, but the theory is all the same.

Only problem with this model it that you can not easily adjust the brewing
time (unless you turn it off at the wall), but that is not a massive issue
for most.

Hope this helps you out.

badopinion says:

Mine broke as well. The bottom chamber cracked from what appeared to be
excessive heat. It did make a darn good pot of coffee though.

sandyray1 says:

Thanks for the additional information. Much appreciated! Keep enjoying that
great carafe of fresh brewed coffee! 🙂

KevinSoRandom says:

HI! Isn’t that a starbucks coffee grinder at the back? just wondering…. XD

mishmosh2000 says:

Saw this video and will have to dig mine out again. I don’t know what the
deal is with mine but the coffee it made often tasted burnt and it was a
pain to clean the device. Started using Aeropress lately or French Press
when I’m in a rush.

Tim Liao says:

You should have poured the coffee, drank it and tell us how it was

Audinos says:

I loved mine until the glue cracked in the seam along the bottom of the
carafe, allowing coffee to enter the electrical area.

Scrape Wander says:

I started frantically looking on google for one, realizing that I’ve been
making shitty coffee for years after mine broke. I can’t believe they
stopped making these. Mine had a good run, I think I had it for like 4
years with daily use. they HAVE to start manufacturing these again…

C6Chev says:

Plastic + heat + water + coffee grounds = shoe polish, buy a CONA and drink
real coffee also Green Mountain over starbucks all day everyday.

Culverfootball says:

I think I saw the guys from the show BREAKING BAD cooking Meth with one of

BODUM1944 says:

Thanks for this simple demonstration. I added your video to the BODUM

Chris Heerschap says:

I did, I did, and it was good. I just didn’t put that on the video. 😀

Chris Heerschap says:

I guess they must have been unreliable or something for them to stop
producing such a cool design. We went with a Technivorm drip unit, works
well, but not as cool as this by a long way.

fannieochalexander says:

It looks as though the cleanest way to dispose of the used grounds is to
rinse them down the sink. Getting them into a green bin for composting
would be too messy and time-consuming. Is that the case?

Earth .Santa says:

I own one and it makes great coffee. Why did they discontinue?

carperry says:

Comes with a lid. Without the lid, as shown, coffee splatters over the
counter. The spectacle of production of coffee is worth the splatter.

EvanOz85 says:

@IH8Monkeys – Better, in my opinion.

εz™ says:

i have a new one, i got it as a prize 3 years ago. After seeing this, i`m
going to try it today

rainbowissues says:

This needs to come back on the market. I have one and am still using it and
love it. Everyone that comes to my home wants coffee, just so they can
watch it .

sandyray1 says:

Excellent demo from start to finish. Now that’s a fresh, hot carafe of
coffee. I am deciding between a French Press or this vacuum coffee maker.
I’m leaning toward this vacuum maker after seeing this demo. Seems that it
will make the coffee hotter and more infused with the coffee flavor.
Cool!!! Thanks!!!

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