Bialetti Moka Chrystal Coffee maker presentation

Bialetti Moka Chrystal Coffee maker presentation

This little coffee maker makes perfect espresso and/or coffee. Aroma and body of coffee much better than from any coffee machine such as Jura, Saeco or simil…



PIK says:

I discovered the beauty of these little coffee makers about 3 years ago. I
have had many compliments on the quality of my coffee over the years and
people have even said the coffee from my little stove top maker is as good
as a professional espresso, just as you said. People, if you love coffee,
you need to try on of these! Your coffee will cost a bit more per cup than
what a cup of instant does, but the improvement in flavour is well worth
the price! Thanks for the video, methefugitive!

Original50 says:

Good video, with a nice personal touch. I bought one of these recently and
am actually drinking a big espresso topped with a whipped-cream as
‘dessert’ ;O)

osaDBX says:

wonderfull stuf

pipp0bl says:

Oh God, it’s not an Espresso. You can get Espresso only at BAR. It is
called italian-housemade moka coffee… Espresso is something completely
different 😉 Btw, REALLY wonderful video: I wanted to buy it for
university, but there isn’t the one-cup version, so I bought the normal one

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