Bezzera Magica E61 Espresso Machine Preview

Bezzera Magica E61 Espresso Machine Preview

Here we preview the Bezzera Magica which replaces the incredibly popular Medea. It is a single group prosumer level E61 espresso machine with heat exchanger….



vincenzo bacci says:

Prima di parlare vieni in Italia e fatti spiegare come si fa un caffè o un
cappuccino, PLEASE!!!

vincenzo bacci says:

Please No water in the glass, PLEASE!!!

iDrinkCoffeeCanada says:

Scotty d’Angelo – Unica is a single boiler machine so you can’t froth milk
while you pull espresso. The good thing is the PID, it improves temperature
stability and allows for great temperature control.

Scotty d'Angelo says:

Great video. Thank you. How does it compare to the Utica in terms of size
and performance and ease of use? 

Nathan Ton says:

could I get the model # of that grinder? Magica is awesome

sprssoguy says:

awesome machine! i believe if you want a good, solid machine that will last
you a long time, you have to invest close to $1000. i own a gaggia baby
twin and want to slam dunk it in the garbage can.

cornetiuslubel says:

thanks for uploading this video! i’m on the edge of buying a new espresso
machine. i’m down to a decission between the Brezzera Magica vs. the BFC
Ela! From the top of your head: which one would you choose? Best wishes
from germany to canada!

fattored says:

Great vid on the Magica, glad to see my machine get some air time! Keep up
the great work guys, will be stopping by for a visit this coming week.

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