Aerobie Aeropress Coffee/Espresso Maker

Aerobie Aeropress Coffee/Espresso Maker


วิทยา ศรีจันทริวงศ์ says:

Wow .

Jack Curtin says:

I do not get any crema use this equipment. Is that a function of the beans
being used? The grind? It is very disappointing.

Ryan Fallows says:

How much coffee? How much water?… This isn’t helpful

Ian Ebstein says:

Love this press, love John Williams. You guys know how to advertise.

Donna Byerrum says:

What are the other black components for? I see only the plunger, cap and
chamber in the video.

J. MacIver says:

i dig the robot arm… one thought: compost rather than ‘trash’ the grinds

Jeanne90275 says:

I’m embarrassed to say I needed a video to put this gadget together…but
the coffee is marvelous!

Matilda says:

Please make it out of glass, plastics are 5nit good for our eco-system!

hollianmcrano says:

Makes great coffee, easy to use. I don’t think the tote bag serves a
purpose unless you travel with the coffee press. here is the link to it in
case anyone is interested: amzn.to162pe3e

Shin Suzuki says:


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