Review of Prosumer Level Coffee Grinders for Espresso

Review of Prosumer Level Coffee Grinders for Espresso

Todd from knows Prosumer level coffee grinders. He’s used them all. In fact, he’s the owner of the only chromed Mazzer-Mini in existence. Stick around at the end of the video to find out how that happened. In this video Todd reviews the range of grinders available for owners of Prosumer semi-automatic espresso machines. He takes an in-depth look at three grinders chosen to represent the range: The value priced Quamar M80, the Mazzer-Mini a very popular mid-range choice, and one of his favorites: the fast, quiet and programmable Ceado E37S.

Learn the basics of high-end grinders and what you should consider before making a purchase: Doser vs. non-doser, burr size and mounting, how motor wattage affects grind time, tips for using different grinders and a whole lot more!

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Quamar M80 Timer Grinder in Silver:

Mazzer Mini P Coffee Grinder:

Ceado E37S Electronic Coffee Grinder:



MVPfilm says:

0:30, 0:31 "Take it easy." Made me laugh.

Matthew G. Garcia says:

I think I like Ceado grinder the best, I am looking for a grinder to use at home for now, but also want to get started in the drive through coffee/espresso kiosk business, so it would be nice to have something commercial grade but less expensive to start, since I don't want to go cheap on the espresso machine. So was wondering if the Ceado would be a good option for me to get started, or should I just go all out and get a fully commercial grinder?

Thanks -Matt

Alfa Won says:

And the taste test ?

Aaron Gutierrez says:

whole Latte Love, I am using Sunbeam EM0440. I have tried fixing it by disassemble my grinder and I even took out the top burr to clean it up. I even unscrewed the cap nut and remove the star washer. I do have 3 spacer inside at the moment. The more spacer you have, the finer the grind is. Are you familiar with this too? When I put everything back into place, my grinder wont work and it just makes noise. And if I make the grinder work, the espresso shot is still fast and watery. Thus, a 29 sec shot fills up almost half a coffee cup. What do i have to do?

Aaron Gutierrez says:

Hello. I am trying to calibrate my coffee grinder and just want to ask how many spacer do i need to put to have a perfect shot of coffee espresso? Thank you

YooToobModerator says:

I have a large Mazzer though I prefer the automatic dosing. Also they Director was referred to as a "Mr. Bossy pants" by a young viewer…

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

Have you tried the Nuova Simonelli MCF(doser) and MCI(doserless) grinders ?

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