Rancilio Rocky- Most Economical Coffee Grinder? WATCH This Before Buying

Rancilio Rocky- Most Economical Coffee Grinder?  WATCH This Before Buying

Coffee grinder used: http://amzn.to/1LCDLXW

BEFORE YOU BUY THE RANCILIO ROCKY: find my preferences for the best price and the blog review: http://outdoorgardenliving.net/rancilio-rocky-too-many-design-issues-for-coffee-grinder/

The Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder gets almost everything right in this review, but you’re still better off buying a grinder in a higher price range.

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Alex M says:

100% agree on all accounts of this grinders issues. But as you said it’s still the best value but far from perfect. Well put

lundimardi1975 says:

This guy treats Rocky like a casual lover: he tells him he's a worthless piece of crap but then, when he's in the mood for a coffee, he'll call him up and tell him to get grinding. Even worse, he's forced Rocky to get all this awful plastic surgery/body modifications to suit his own wants. Well, I've owned Rocky for more than ten years. He's never skipped a beat and he's been grinding beans for one awesome cup of coffee after another for more mornings than I can count. I think it's time to leave this abusive relationship, Rocky.

Angel Giancarlo M. says:

Nice video! I am buying the Rancilio Rocky Doserless which has many less issues than this one – mainly because of the doser.

billinrio says:

Yours is a truly excellent review of the Rocky. You hit on all the negative points that I've also noticed over the years using this machine. Those beans that fill up the 3 screw indentations are indeed annoying, but I wouldn't want a "plastic cap" on them that would potentially come loose, and fall into the beans so you could end up grinding them and seriously screw up the grinder. As you say, static is a problem and the exit opening should certainly have been designed with a downward slope. I agree that the "bent wood screw" is laughable.
My model is doserless and I don't agree with you that it's better to have a doser, especially since the Rocky's doser model's mechanism has the problems that you mention. I like grinding the beans directly into the portafilter. OK, they come out like "cat food", but it's quite easy to use something like paper clip with a U-bend on the end to break the grind up a bit once they're inside the portafilter. For grinding beans directly I've found that it's good (cleaner) to use a small yoghurt cup with the bottom cut off that fits nicely into the portafilter. Sure, I would like to have a Mazzer grinder. Who wouldn't? But my Rocky and Silvia (with an easily installed PID) are great for the money.

introwertyk says:

Would cry having to pay 400$ for such a piece of machinery 😉 Thanks got a used one for 140$.

William J. Blazkowicz says:

You saved me from buying this junk. Thanks!

L M says:

I find it difficult to believe that many of these engineering problems could not be fixed for little cost. As long as morons accept mediocrity they have no need to improve it.

zrazieli says:

I love your nitpicky review! 
The Rocky is my first real grinder and I often use it for french press because I am a monster. So I appreciate the wide range of grinds, and I don't know if other, better espresso grinders can make a passable coarse grind.

I agree with all your critiques, and am still very happy with this tank-like grinder for home use. One big plus I want to stress is that you can buy/replace every single little part — a rare trait in a consumer grade kitchen appliance. I wonder if that's part of why Rancilio hasn't redesigned it? If you release a new version too often, you're probably not going to have replacement parts for every single model. That said, it's been over 10 years, so maybe it's time they upgraded it and fixed all the little annoying problems. They could call it the Rocky II and get Sylvester Stallone to do the advertisements.

Regarding the three inset screws: I have no idea why they ever did it that way. Eventually I will get some spacers and longer screws, to eliminate those little coffee storage caves in the hopper.

terry smith says:

You sound like Oscar from Sesame Street!!!

ThePaulv12 says:

Thou art a man of class and style.
On the basis of this review I'll probably buy this terrible grinder because it is reliable, consistent, has a rugged engine, grinds properly and spare parts are available.

mpredosin says:

Rancilio also makes a doserless version which I've read is better and more popular.

Lost Comma says:

Doserless is the way to go!! Doser grinders are better from commercial operations just because they have a such a high retension rate for grounds and a pain to clean. The doserless rocky is a great value and it lasts forever, mine is over 10 years old and built like a tank.

ThePwig says:

thanks for the thorough review

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