Motorizing a hand-cranked coffee grinder

Motorizing a hand-cranked coffee grinder

Homemade motorized kitchen coffee grinder. What an unbelievably great idea.

Check out this unique upcycled kitchen creation. A very clever Canadian man attached an induction motor to a hand powered coffee grinder.  The creator says it started out as just an experiment but now it gets used on a daily basis. Also a fantastic how to video if you happen to have the tools.
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Tim's how to make says:

hahaha I love this build 😉 money saver and maybe Franken drills brother

theonlyari says:

Its SO loud!!!! I love it! But you are using your Aeropress wrong >:)

Johnny Diamond says:

I loved the coffee cups! 'Her ladyship'! Me and my wife have similar ones too; Hers and also hers! XD

Matt Tester says:

It certainly has an rustic/industrial charm to it. The noise would bother me but it is only run for a short amount of time I suppose.

reservemaster says:

Always enjoy your spirit of science and explorations.

Jesemanuel Ramirez says:

"Wait Wait Wait!!! I'm sure I can put a motor on it" ROFL.

Rob Walcott says:

I just added a nut to the top of mine and used a drill (can see it in a vlog I did a year ago: grinder at 0:21 Since then mine has failed, I think it is due to a plastic/nylon washer on top that can wear out and jam it. I haven't pulled mine apart yet to confirm though. I'm planning a quick video tutorial on how to modify it for higher speeds.

BarneySaysHi says:

Where did you get that motor out of, Matthias?

Miles Parris says:

I've missed these random project videos.

Ozz Ox says:

u have a beautiful family… you should make a family vlog

Kris A says:

Lots of function, little form, zero finesse. 5/10.

John Sandvig says:

Hah! I can't wait for a "Matthias' 'Smart Home'" Playlist 😉

bami2 says:

covfefe grinder

Don Fillenworth says:

“Wait, wait, wait! I’m sure I could put a motor on it.” LOL

Архитектор Бульков says:

Ура! Матиас изобрел кофемолку.

AZERTY says:

Excllent !! 😉

smitcher says:

I do hope you grounded that metal plate… and the switch… and taped all those connections. Turned out great.

Downrigger69 Joe says:

Love it, almost steampunk like.

kay illa says:

toilet roll dispenser next video

Lior Katsenelson says:

You are wonderful! Great staff!

Björn Nordvall says:

If your wife make coffe that way ,the cup will someday tip over. You need to make her a better stand for the cup.

Csongor Varga says:

Is it that cold that the missus is still wears a fleece indoors?

Zachary Nixon says:

Kind of funny. Dude has like 20 computers. A few thousands of dollars in tools. But can't buy a coffee grinder. Just made me laugh. I assume that this was just for fun.

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