How to Choose a Manual Coffee Grinder

How to Choose a Manual Coffee Grinder

Marc from Whole Latte Love takes a look at the Hario Ceramic Mill and the ROK Coffee Grinder. Both are hand powered grinders. Learning about the differences in these grinders can help you make a decision that’s right for you before purchasing a manual coffee grinder.

ROK Coffee Grinder:

Hario Ceramic Mill:



Michael Gomez says:

What about the steel versus ceramic debate when it comes to what it does to the taste of the end product?

Zack Jimenez says:

That ROK costs $250, the Hario is $25. I'll stick with the Hario. If I want to spend that kind of money to grind coffee, I'll just get a Baratza.

AetherDreamSeeker says:

I think saving up for the ROK would be a better deal as it seems to perform well which in my eyes justifies the price.

J Kraft says:

you guys should check out the hgONE grinder

Jareon C says:

Rok is more expensive than Smart Grinder Pro!!! Wow …

Bruno Novais says:

One question I have: Why would someone want to buy a manual grinder over an automatic grinder (example baratza encore which is about U$ 129) which can offer a much greater range of grind? Besides the artisan idea of course 🙂

ForcedToSignUp says:

I prefer my HG One. 😉

ascosta says:

One big advantage of the Hario (especially the "slim" version not shown here) is that it's suitable for traveling, which is definitely not the case for the ROK.

Kyle Mcgrogan says:

something to take into account is that for a given force exerted, your hand went much further on the rok, so you did use much more energy.

helpfulnatural says:

What a great comparison! I have a small Kyocera manual grinder which is identical to the Hario Skerton. It was fun in the beginning but when I started taking an interest in espresso, it became a knick-knack on the shelf. Not to mention my tendonitis in both shoulders was given a rest. Whew! And I really disliked changing the grind size on it, a guessing game for sure. :/

MurphTX says:

This message brought to you by ROK coffee products.

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