How To: Calibrate Coffee Grinder | Wogan Coffee

How To: Calibrate Coffee Grinder | Wogan Coffee

Our expert barista at Wogan Coffee demonstrates how to calibrate a coffee grinder.

Based in Bristol and delivering across the country. We have been roasting and supplying coffee to the trade and individual customers for over forty years.

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Dale Pearce says:

Get outta my face, your supposed to understand service back away from the camera.

Pogo Thecat says:

I hate your face can you change your accent

Luan Goria says:

mate ahahahhahahha that is definitely a very particular technique, id rather respect the basket size which is written on it and cut the coin part. loved the video. theres no secret for dialing in…. set a starting point, lock the variables, make ajustments and taste for balance between sourness and bitterness

SAB8 says:

Can you tell what coin in US will work for your procedure? thank you.

Clerkenwell John says:

a good video, well explained and perfectly correct, how is it that whenever i go into a high street coffee shop their procedures are flawed?

William M Trexler says:

The truth is while his Tecnology may be correct…most people are not willing to follow the process…nor can they taste results of his efforts…Now this is science…as people get older. They lose two,things…their Hearing and their ability to taste…so,by age 50…..30 to 50 % of both are,if your 20 years old…enjoy..but if your over 30…Good Luck

Rw 11 says:

Im going back to alcoholism I can't be doing with this shit anymore ..i.just want a bird with big tits filling my pint glass I really can't handle these knobheads any longer

sPacEc0w60y says:

Making a good cup of espresso isn't rocket science. After watching this, though I'd say it's pretty close!

A C says:

I was keen until he called it "expresso" @5:29

John McGuiness says:

Great advice I just went through the procedure with my E61 Rocket and ECM S-Automatik, I am now using less coffee but finer grind, with my single shot basket and 16gm before and 32 g after, thanks for the simple to follow advice

Tavis McKenzie says:

I will keep repeating this process, until I've spent $1000 in beans

BWWGL9 says:

This is more of a Set-up video, shows U, the different "variables" in the basic procedure(s).  Not a Taste test, that varies with the Brand & Roast, but the Actual Set-up is the same for all Espresso Coffees.    Thanks for very informative video…. :-))  
Also, the GRINDER is just as important as the Machine, if not more so.  I have excellent Espresso machine, BUT my Grinder cost about 1/3 MORE than the Espresso Machine.  If you can't delivery the GRIND, a $3000.00 Machine is going to deliver the Espresso your looking for….. even a $10,00.00 machine!      thats my 2 cents.  I've been Roasting Beans for 20 years, and drinking well made Coffee for 59 years….  I just started the Espresso thing, why, because it's hard to beat a Excellent Cup of Black Coffee.
I'm not much on CANDY DRINKS, they seem to cover up the Coffee.

BWWGL9 says:

what grinder are you using ?

mark sutton says:

This video set me straight. I didn't realise how important the head space is but I couldn't achieve the coin setup.

David Kennerly says:

Does anyone get the idea that barista practices have the effect of unnecessarily wasting a whole lot of perfectly good coffee grounds?

Scott M says:

little disturbing he never talks about taste lol

Alvin D says:

what grinder are you using?

megajig says:

A KRUVE Sifter would help calibrating the grinder 🙂

Lindsay Ward says:

This is an excellent, well-made, video. Thanks!

Alan Saxon says:

I don't see the relationship between the 0.5p test and grind size. Can you explain please. Thx

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