Compare: Breville Dose Control Pro and Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Grinders

Compare: Breville Dose Control Pro and Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Grinders

Marc and Morgan from review and compare two coffee grinders from Breville: The Dose Control Pro and Smart Grinder Pro. Both are upgraded versions of previous models. Capable of grinding for espresso, drip, pour-over and press, these grinders offer design and performance at a value.

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Lucas Freire says:

I'd like to know what's the best SIZE of grind and AMOUNT of grind time for a smooth and consistent espresso coffe ? I have a Mr. Coffee Barista Semi Automatic espresso machine.

Gabe Sanchez says:

So I’m am fairly new to espresso and bought an entry level machine ( mr coffee auto dual shot ) and want to get into grinding. At this price point , would I see any benefit from a nice grinder vs pre ground ? I am either going to get the dose pro or a nicer delonghi espresso machine ( no grinder) but not sure what the better move is. Thoughts ?

Patrice Martin says:

Piece of junk. Cheap plastic impeller below the burrs which gets sandblasted in about a year of moderate use. This causes the grinder to clog.

Joe Garfield says:

Which of these do people recommend for single (coffee) servings? I use 4 TBSP per cup.

Dos Gringos says:

Can you clarify if both these models have the dreaded plastic impellers that push the coffee grinds towards the chute? There are numerous reports that the tips of this impeller get sanded down by fine espresso grinds, to the point of no longer being able to get the coffee out of the grinding chamber.

Matthew Nelson says:

Hi, I just ordered the smart grinder pro. What grind setting would you recommend for pour over?

Emmanuel G says:

Will the outer Burr fit older machines?

Carlos Ramirez says:

HI I got this grinder smart grinder 11 months ago and it broke down i took to coustumer service ,not problem they fixed, but as soon i got back it broke again i took it back and the answer was that the coffe i use has too much oil (from costco brand) they toll me i have to use a diferent kind of cofffee, (I wont do that i will change of grinder brand )am disappointed.

Jason Walters says:

What would you recommend between the 2? We normally weigh the beans we need and then grind. We are between these 2 we're just not sure if it's worth the extra $50 for the smart grinder.

louTube920 says:

I am wondering between these two which grinds coarser for French Press? Looks like the Doser Pro is a bit coarser. Is this true?

Austin Jasper says:

Can the smart grinder make fine enough coffee for rocket espresso machines?

Alve Pant says:

If i grind the amount of beans for 5 double espressos (a day),will there be any problem if they are dark roasted?

ascosta says:

BTW, there isn't a non-pro version of the Dose Control. There is a non-pro Smart Grinder though.

ascosta says:

These are great grinders for their prices. They beat any other in that price range because they have so many features only found in more expensive grinders.

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