Best coffee grinder Cuisinart Burr Coffee Mill

Best coffee grinder   Cuisinart Burr Coffee Mill

Best coffee grinder – Cuisinart Burr Coffee Mill



Aaron Le says:

Can you grind brown rice too?

Vito Monopoli says:

I bought the Cuisinart Burr Mill, and after using it three times, the burr mechanism got so clogged that I cannot use it anymore. There is no way to access the inner workings in order to clean it out adequately so that it will work. The Manufacturer is being pig-headed about it. Does this machine give access to the Burr area for clearing out packed in grinds? I use imported Italian and French coffees, and the beans are very moist. This is why my Cuisinart is clogging.

Tom E says:

I've had this grinder for 5 or 6 years and use it almost every day. It works great but needs to be cleaned every few months or more. Some say to grind white rice to clean it, but that doesn't work well at all. You just have to unscrew the top and brush/wipe it out. Use a toothpick or wooden skewer to get out the packed in coffee dust from the many crevasses. Do not use soap though.

SpiritBear12 says:

Thank you for mentioning that it's not recommended to grind anything else but coffee beans in the Cuisinart burr grinder. I was wondering if it could be multi purpose or not.
I'm sure it grinds great coffee, but I want something that is multi purpose.

Don Williams says:

BODUM burr coffee grinder has a glass container for the ground coffee, eliminating static problem.

Donna Lloyd says:

I'm looking for something to grind citric acid. Do u think this would work

fabeena harshad says:

Can I grind any spices in this like cardamom , nutmeg etc

Erma Jaramillo says:

Nice , I'm gonna buy one.

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