How To Set On Off Automatic Time Feature On Keurig Coffee Maker

How To Set On Off Automatic Time Feature On Keurig Coffee Maker

This video will show you how to set the automatic on off time feature on your Keurig coffee maker. You must leave the coffee maker plugged in to set and use this feature.



William Spivey says:

You Tube video on Keurig. Hope it helps

Ronald McNab says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Jeanine Hall says:

I can’t get the auto on and off to shut off no matter what I do. Help

Jeanne Jones says:

I have successfully set my on off times. I’m just wondering what is
supposed to happen? I am trying to get it so that when I get to the brewer
at 6:15am, there is a fresh cup of coffee brewed. So far, all that is
happening is, at 6:15, the brewer comes on and is ready to go but I
actually have to physically lift the handle, the display will then say
ready to brew and then I have to push the button.
So, essentially, all that I’ve accomplished is saving 4 minutes which the
brewer would normally need to heat up had I done nothing.
Is there any way to have a cup brewed and ready?

Altazmuth says:

Thanks. That helped.

Mackenzie Lozier says:

So the on/ off feature is just to turn the keurig on and get the water
heated up and ready to use correct? You still have to life the handle put
the k cup in and hit brew? 

Toni Maisonneuve says:

How do you descale the machine? I know you use vinegar and water but the
machine doesn’t start with the mix in the reservoir

Mackenzie Lozier says:

And also if I want it to come on at 830 am tomorrow do I have to leave it
on overnight or just plugged in 

Debbi Pearce says:

I have my auto off set to off and it still turns off.

Miguel T says:

What is the auto off feature I can’t figure out what’s it’s for I’ve set my
on time for 6 am and off for 10am what is the auto off plz help thanks 

Mackenzie Lozier says:


Miguel T says:

I see you have yours set at 2 does that mean it stays on for 2 hours 

Michael Hernandez says:

Thanks dude

Evelyn B says:

Hi! I just got my K79 Platinum Brewer and I thought I had set my auto
on/off correctly, but it never brewed this morning. Now please excuse the
silly (possibly obvious question), but do I have to leave the machine ON
(LCD Screen on/blue) at all times in order for the auto brew to function? I
know in your video you say the machine has “to be plugged in all the time”,
but did you mean to actually leave it on? If that is the case, I have it
programmed to shut off after 1 hour. Would I have to turn the brewer back
on before I go to bed in order for it to work? Thanks!

Emanuel Maniatis says:

Hi – I have mine set for the morning for on off times of 3 hours, but the
auto turn off setting of 1 hour is now overriding my morning on off
settings when it never used to. Any ideas? Thanks.

Amy J Lee says:

Thanks for your video. What if I wanted to turn off the auto on? How do you
do that? My Keurig is set to come on every morning. I don’t want it to. How
do I fix that? Thanks!

Bart Schuck says:

Hello. I have the very same model that you show in this video. It didn’t
quite answer what I am searching for… How do you prevent it from turning
on at all? I don’t want it to turn on automatically. Do I set the on and
off time exactly the same? Will that do it? I’m going to try that but I
will still hope you reply.

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