DeLonghi BCO130T Combination Machine at Whole Latte Love

DeLonghi BCO130T Combination Machine at Whole Latte Love

Mark and Zack present the DeLonghi BCO130T Combination Machine. It’s perfect for people that want to make quality drip coffee and espresso using 1 convenient…



YoungAtArtStudio says:

i purchased a DeLonghi similar to this one, same brand idea with double
coffee/espresso but a little variation in style. (purchased in Kohls on
sale) but my espresso does not come out with any crema. It just tastes like
really dark coffee. Wondering what I am doing wrong. 

Ahmed Tarek says:

What about BCO 420 is it good?

tastoll82 says:

I just got one of these for helping someone move. Only had it about a week
and can’t imagine life with out it. And just to answer some of the
questions it says in the owners book to not use a dampener because it may
cause clogging also VERY simple to use. 

Whole Latte Love says:

It sounds like you could be missing a part. You may want to contact
DeLonghi to figure out what part you need.

Eric L says:

My BCO130T does not have the integrated frothing device, it is just an
empty reservoir. Is the piece missing or could the machine just be newer or

qamoooori says:

i think im gonna have it .. does it easy to use ??

Whole Latte Love says:

You shouldn’t need a tamper because this is a steam-driven machine which
uses a pressurized filter basket. It does use a 53mm portafilter.

Shane Tokarz says:

I’m returning my Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer for this, thanks Mark!

Whole Latte Love says:

There is a link to the product page in the video description above where
you can find pricing and purchase the machine.

Dom Rizzo says:

great video, i just ordered mine because of this video. Thanks

Whole Latte Love says:

Yes, this machine has an automatic froth dispenser so you can get frothed
or steamed milk for a cappuccino or latte with the touch of a button.

machis copac says:

Most important is how fast make the coffee.

x3noudiix says:

does this make lattee? 🙁

zoro123456789x says:

thanks for video

smityjoe says:

thanks for video. Hard picking device that has filter coffee and
espresso/cappucino functions, coffee machines seem to be going the capsule

Victor Bogen says:

How much does it cost and were u locad at I want it

try15793 says:

can you make a mocha with it?

Whole Latte Love says:

Hi, this machine does not take beans. You will need to use pre-ground
coffee and put it in the portafilter for espresso or in the brew basket for

robyn m says:

My issue is getting the espresso carafe with lid under the filter drip?!?!

Angieemvi says:

What size tamper would you need for this machine?

Carlos Hernandez says:

like me

Maia Harris says:

Where do i put the espresso coffee beans????

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