DeLonghi Bar 32 espresso machine fail

DeLonghi Bar 32 espresso machine fail

This espresso machine is less than a year old and fails this way since the first day I bought it. I tried repairing it in a local service associated with DeL…



Scott Adler says:

I have the same problem — even with coarse grind. When I use fine grind,
the coffee seeps through the seam in the handle and drips over the counter.

tabaks says:

I have a good muscle tone. The only way that handle was going anywhere
would have been by snapping it off. It was as tight as it can (should) be.
But , thanks for trying to help. Since this video, I bought the Saeco Aroma
machine at Seattle Coffee Gear dotcom and never looked back. I recommend
the Aroma with all my heart! What a beast!

Mitch Bogart says:

weak pump or pressure regulator

Honeybee Amplifiers says:

Perhaps your grind is too fine. It appears this machine has a pressurized
portafilter which requires a bring somewhere between drip and standard

tabaks says:

No, I used an ESE pod. So, it was ground and one-serving packed by the
factory to EXACT specification for an ESE compliant machine.

ebursack says:

i had the exact same problem with mine. All that was required was to simply
push the sump (i.e. the handle) over to the right a little more. It take a
little oomph, but it’s totally doable. This creates the pressure needed to
allow the espresso to come out nicely. I hope it works for you as well.

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